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If you say “I’ll start tomorrow” read on….

I hope you had a very happy Easter — it’s a time of hope and new beginnings. For many, Easter is filled with rabbits, eggs and baskets, but for others it signifies the season of spring, of hope and renewal.  This is something that is felt after experiencing an Akashic Clearing Therapy…..

Here is a testimonial from a client

Heather I can’t really begin to explain what the clearance has done for me, things are already feeling lighter and easier I’m moving away from media and back to my life of nature meditation, good food and some exercise, taking on meditation class and sound healing and life is getting more synchronous, my relationship with X girlfriend as friends has improved, and I’m feeling more connected to life once more thank you

I would like to continue to clear my Akashic Records and I’ve been pondering your questions too.

I quite like the bluntness lol 😂helps me to face it all head on : ) thank you for your support of me and my journey

In kindness Pete

Have you tried repeatedly to make important life changes only to fall back into old patterns?

Do you start off great, but then slowly, due to the discomfort of uncertainty, find yourself saying, “I’ll start tomorrow”?

Do you find that no matter how much you can taste the benefits of making an important change, you never seem to be able to follow through?

We are around 1/6 of the way through 2019 and this is a friendly reminder to check in with yourself and how you are doing!

What are your desires?

What are your desires?

It is an opportunity to check in with your aspirations and desires for this year.

When we DON’T do this, the year flies by and we wonder where it went and a year (most times another year) has gone by and things haven’t moved much further forward.

Here are some further questions you can ask yourself to stay on track….

You gotta have faith!

You gotta have faith!

1 – How am I doing in relation to what I would like to happen this year?

2 – Is it going well?  Can it go better?  If so, what do I need to do (or ‘be’) for that to happen?

3 – Is there something I am doing I need to stop or change?  Something that is taking me away from what I really want or what is really important to me?

4 – Am I clear on what I want?  Am I specific about it (or am I vague and unclear)?

5 – Do I have any conflicts about it?  Am I sure this is absolutely what I want?

6 – If I get it, what does this mean for me and my life?  What is the bigger picture beyond this?

7 – Do I know ‘how’ to bring it about?  If not, where can I go to for answers?

For a FREE Clarity Conversation with me, click the link below….

I hope your year is going amazingly well.  And if it isn’t then use the above to help keep you on course. And you know what…it takes a special type of person who is willing to make time for themselves and “go there” when there are plenty of excuses not to.

Honestly, I can’t wait for you to know what it feels like …

To have the Universe on your side … providing for you …

To know how to manifest what you’ve always wanted …

To believe without question you deserve everything you ask for …

To strip away your family generations of fear…

And align with the natural abundance hidden within your heart until you can see yourself …

Are you show

ing up?

I think you should.  I think you deserve to have the most amazing life possible.

And my belief…is that you have the courage to show up and get the results for yourself.

Let’s chat

Let me know what you’d like to happen this year and how you are feeling about it!


P.S Here are ways to work with me …

1  Grab a copy of my free eBook

This is a great starting point for those looking for better ways to… transform their own life experience.  In order to do that, we need to understand how our ancestors could be affecting us now…. this book alone could transform how you transform how you experience life from the inside – out.  Click to read more 

2.  Work with me and my team privately in my 3 month Core Transformation Program.

If you’d like to work directly with me and my team (as well as clearing your Akashic Records with me, you will receive a Numerology Map for your business or life plus an intuitive life reading) so we can take you from where you are right now to where you want to be instead… just email me and put “Private” in the subject line… tell me a little about your life and circumstances and what you’d like to work on together and I’ll get you all the details.

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