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I show you how to use the New Moon energy

If you not aware, there was a New Moon last night and today, reminding us again about new beginnings and fresh starts.

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, this is the perfect time to plant seeds for the months ahead, as they are highly likely to bloom into the gorgeous, sweet-smelling opportunities that you desire. As you review your old goals and wishes, take this opportunity to……..


Dream bigger

Set your sights higher

Take action


Grab a nice cuppa and a pad & pen.

Tear off 1 piece of paper and write down something from your past that you would like to release.

“I release…………..”

On a second piece of paper write down something you wish to FEEL in your life right now.

“I feel………………”

On the third piece of paper write down something you wish to manifest in your life for the future.

“I manifest…………..”

Now carefully burn the 3 pieces of paper and let go and let be.

Remember I do not fix problems.  I clear the negative programs running on your internal hard drive and help you fix your thinking.  Then problems fix themselves.

Happy New Moon!


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