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How to trust the current transformation

After my last Blog Post, are you more aware of any urge to purge and cut free from anything that feels toxic, dysfunctional or negative.

Do you feel compelled to

end a relationship

make a career change

change beliefs

make a major lifestyle decision

move home or even to a new city/country

have a drastic de-cluttering of belongings

Fortunately (even though it may not always seem this way), any decisions that are made around the eclipse are believed to work in our favour, as an energetic cosmic force is guiding and supporting us. Eclipses are beneficial and healing and although they can often feel devastating, as sections of our lives crumble during the transformation, it all happens for our higher good. So it is vital to trust in the process.

However, it is highly recommended not to rush into any big decisions or changes in the couple of days after Sunday’s eclipse. This is due to celestial energy causing havoc as it pulls our problems to the surface and turns situations upside down. Therefore, right now are you feeling disorientated and don’t have clear perception?  Wait until tomorrow 1st March until the energy has calmed and settled.

We often find that we have been clinging to ‘dead weight’ for no other reason than it feels familiar to us. We remain in unsatisfying circumstances simply because we are secretly terrified of the unknown.

Staying in a comfort zone due to fear of the unknown that may lie ahead is not healthy for the mind, body or soul.

Therefore, it is necessary that we surrender to our inner “knowing” our intuition and make a clean break from whatever, or whomever, it is we feel a strong need to detach from, even if we know it will be painful.

Once we have made the break, the wound may remain open for some time.  However, it will eventually heal and the faint scar left behind will remind us how far and how hard we are willing to push to achieve the freedom, pleasure, joy and harmony that our souls long for.

When our warrior spirits choose to move forward, we see how important it is to release the past so that we can travel lightly.

An eclipse is a doorway that leads to a new chapter. It is the universe’s way of using cosmic powers to stop us in our tracks to ask us to consider changing direction.

Celestial energy picks up on the energetic discord that radiates from us when we have wandered too far from our chosen path. It spins us around and ushers us away from stormy, dead-end roads and any chaos or dysfunction and instead leads us to the new, peaceful, exciting and wondrous paths that we are destined to walk.

To help you during this transformation period I am running Workshops in my Energy Studio in Loughton.

The Sacral Chakra relates to our sense of taste and appetite. This applies to the physical levels as well as the more spiritual sense of loving and enjoying life. Our well-being, our sense of sexuality and our permission to give ourselves prosperity and abundance are all focused in this chakra. From this chakra we are able to create – a life as well as other manifestations.


This Chakra is associated with the emotional body and our willingness to feel our emotions.

If you experience Illnesses – Kidney weakness, constipation, muscle cramps, lack of energy, allergies, and loss of weight, then your Sacral Chakra requires re-balancing

If you are emotionally explosive, overly ambitious, manipulative, caught up in illusions, overindulgent, and see people as sex objects, then your Sacral Chakra is out of balance

In this workshop we will;

Perform healing work through guided meditations to help unlock and release anything in your energetic and subconscious systems where your sexuality is blocked, repressed or hidden.

• We will focus on those areas of your physical, energetic and emotional fields that are blocking you from having the pleasure in life that your soul desires.

CLICK HERE to register for my next WORKSHOP on Saturday 11th March. Places are limited.

Unable to join me?  Why don’t you sign up for my 21 DAY PEACE CHALLENGE in March?

You will receive daily tips over 21 days and a chance to share on the Challenge Group Facebook Page

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