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How to Rewrite Your Love Story

Let me share about some of my clients...


Olga had blocks to forgiveness and worthiness. Research of past lives revealed she had been a priest involved with a nun. (It is very common that many of us have experienced religious roles in past lives and have been male, even though we are now female)

There was a love relationship between Olga (Priest) and the nun. Their relationship was discovered and they were stoned to death by the people.

Olga had never forgiven the people who had harmed her and the nun, which was affecting her relationships in her current life with a block to self worth.


Lily had blocks to Self-Love, Intelligence and Cheerfulness. In a past life Lily had 'hate of self' (which is a very common block for many clients) and an intense 'hate of life' in general.

She'd experienced a long-term physical illness that had kept here in a constant state of depression.

These energies were affecting relationships in her current life and needed to be cleared in her Akashic Records with Spiritual Response Therapy.

So let's shine a light on you...

There's usually a moment when you start to see how you do the same things in every relationship.

Or when you feel stuck that the same things keep happening to you.

As hard as it might be to be brutally honest with yourself, this is the time to dig a little deeper.

Start by questioning. Question everything about your story. Investigate it. Love it. Inquire. Seek. And then when you're ready to change it, seek help!

Whether you find a coach like me to sort through all of this with, there are a few things you can tackle solo.

What you can do alone is commit to wanting to look at your stuff. Your patterns. Start journaling daily, noticing things you do.

Look to the stars

When working with clients I look at your Kabbalistic astrology to determine which sign represents your tikkun allows you a brief description of your current correction based on your past life.

Our tikkun shows us the work we need to do on ourselves in this lifetime —which can help you understand the bigger picture.

Visualise the love you deserve to have

A great tool is a guided meditation to connect to the energy of your soulmate—whether you’re single or attached, this exercise is really lovely.

If you need a little more hand-holding on this step, here's a freebie

It's good to talk

You've sorted through your history and your habits, have come up with a list of things you truly want out of your relationships, and are ready to rewrite that love story.

Where to start?

Share your desires. Practice telling people what you truly need, no apologies, in all areas of your life.

That can be everyone from the man you have a coffee with, to your friends and family.

Truth Bomb

You might not get everything you want right away, but you'll be cutting out the things you know that you definitely don't want.

You might believe that continuously creating love is an impossibly daunting task. Perhaps you've been through painful relationships before, and your heart is battered and broken.

Whatever your circumstances, don't allow preconceptions and fears to impede your heart's aspirations. Living a lifelong, passionate, and intimate relationship is not a complicated undertaking, it is quite simple and well within your abilities.

Heal your broken heart. Open your healed heart. Give and receive love easily, naturally, spontaneously and unconditionally. Discover your lover within. Love yourself. Accept yourself. Forgive yourself. Know that you are worthy of love.

As an Intuitive Relationship and Breakthrough Coach my job is to support solo high achieving professional women 50+ just like you to live life to the fullest.

With all that has transpired in your life, it is my hope that bringing my skills to you will light the fire of possibility, hope, and excitement in your heart again.

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