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How to find clarity in your life using meditation

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Meditation, when practised regularly can help you find immense clarity in your life. 

  1. Ground you

  2. Help with anxiety

  3. Increase peace

  4. Boost your love life

  5. And yes – improve your business!

Can You Relate to These Struggles?

I have worked with many people suffering from overwhelm, stress, fear of failure, idea overload, lack of focus…

Do you have thoughts like:

  1. What direction should I go?

  2. I’m no longer happy doing X, what should I do now?!

  3. OMG there is so much to do, what do I do first?

  4. My relationship feels like a struggle

  5. I’m worried about money

I can feel you all nodding your heads, so I won’t go on.

Those kinds of thoughts and feelings can leave you running toward anything with the promise of hope and clarity.

Have you spent money on business coaches and life coaches, but are  STILL not happy.

Why? Because you are NOT treating the underlying problem.

It’s important to discover the core root. 

That’s where meditation comes in alongside Ancestral Healing.

Meditation is magical. It brings us back to the present.

Meditation also allows us to say, OK, this is what’s happening RIGHT NOW. How can I fix it?

That removes the overwhelm and enables us to act with clarity and confidence.

3 Ways Meditation Can Help You

1. Clarity

We all need  a clear head because it’s one of the most important things of all.

It allows us to connect with our intuition and make the best decisions possible.

Meditation can help you:

  1. Calm down

  2. Clear your head

  3. Get out of your own way

  4. Avoid making rash decisions

Often times our first instinct is right. But then we question it, hop into social media and look at what others are doing and end up totally overwhelmed!

By meditating on our life, we connect with our Higher Self  and learn to trust our intuition — which helps us avoid that entire cycle.

With clarity, you can make confident decisions about your life and remove the overwhelm and actually ENJOY your life!

2. Confidence

Once that horrible overwhelm is kicked to the curb, we can start analysing what we actually need to focus on and determine intentional goals.

(When we have established clarity, working with a coach can be fantastic!)

But many of us don’t take the time to quiet our minds.

There are many gurus ready to help – but when we lack clarity and confidence – we’re left spinning our wheels.

This leads to:

  1. Financial issues

  2. Unclear goals

  3. Lack of focus

  4. Frustration

But once we’re clear on our focus and connected to our higher self through meditation, the right coach can take that vision and get us from step A to step Z.

We need to do our part in order for coaches to be able to do their part. Once we’re clear and connected on a spiritual level, we can set clear goals and make level-headed decisions about which coach to work with.

3. The Big Picture

Another added benefit of meditation in life is the ability to see the bigger picture.

I know I just harped on the benefit of living in the present, but the fact is, once our present is taken care of, the future can easily snap into focus.

This doesn’t mean you’ll get a crystal ball (don’t we wish… ). It means that once we know where we are, it becomes easier to see where we’re going.

Meditating increases our connection with our ultimate purpose. It helps us see the bigger picture, which enables us to create confident business plans.

It helps us to go with the flow! That mindset leads to a sense of trust, purpose, and peace.

How to Start Meditating on Your Life

When it comes down to it, to be happy and successful, you need to be able to not get overwhelmed, stay calm and focused, and be able to trust your instincts… and meditation is the answer for that.

But, how do you actually get started on meditation when it’s all you can do to answer every email you get in your inbox daily?!

Create a Daily Routine

Well, if you don’t already have a morning routine, get one! It will seriously change your life (almost as much as meditating).

Schedule 10-15 minutes a day to sit down and meditate, journal, and dream about your life.

You can use a guided meditation or simply put on some relaxing music and dive deep while focusing on your breath.

  1. Try to understand what your biggest problem is right now and focus on just the present situation.

  2. Let the feelings of overwhelm and anxiety pass through you by acknowledging them and moving on.

  3. Once you’re done, journal about your experience and decide on one or two things today that you’ll do to move you closer to your goal.

By making this routine part of your day, you can start to release the idea that everything must be done RIGHT NOW, gain clarity in your day to day, and move forward with intention and purpose.

Meditating can also help you understand what’s right for you to be investing in.

Ultimately, practising meditation can help you be clearer and more confident in your decisions… about coaching and what you wish for in life.

Join my 5- Day challenge…

meditation 5-day challenge

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