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How to feel it!

What you are experiencing in the present moment is what you have manifested from your PAST; a catch-up of what you were FEELING yesterday, AND ALL BASED ON PAST EXPERIENCES AND PERCEPTIONS.  So if you are experiencing panic, anxiety or stress right now – it has come to light because of experiences from your past.  

So as you read this, I am going to request that you SWITCH your attention to make all the difference in your future experience of life.

So rather than make a decision based upon:

  1. What you can see with your eyes right now

  2. What you can hear right now

  3. What you can smell right now

  4. What you can taste right now

  5. What you are triggered to drink/eat/snort/smoke right now

Get into the FEELING of what you want to witness in your future. Take your senses there NOW, take your mind there NOW, create a picture in your mind, just like a daydream.

For the rest of today I would like to get you to switch senses; from what you SEE and witness with your eyes (which is a manifestation of the past) to what you WANT TO FEEL.

This is the subtle shift we need to make to step over the unseen brick wall that we have built between the life that we have and the one that we desire.

What if I told you that you are SUPPOSED to be happy? What if I told you that you are SUPPOSED to feel free? What if I told you that you are SUPPOSED to have all that you dream of? What if I told you that your natural state is NOT one of struggle? What if I told you that we’ve got it completely back to front!

And I know that what I am saying is the opposite to what we witness in the news; what the media wants us to believe; and how the majority are currently living, BUT how do you want to live:

In fear or in love?Yes, you DO have a choice. We are so lucky to have this information to hand and be the forerunners of this knowledge; yes there are many starving and less fortunate people in the world who do not, but that is not a reason for us not to change our lives for the better; understand the process because we’ve done it first; and then share it with the world, which is exactly what I am doing by writing these blogs and delivering my workshops and online programmes. It is all about sharing the information to those that are ready to hear it and raise the consciousness of the planet.

These are super exciting times we are living in and there is so much change. In fact it sometimes feels like nothing is staying the same at all and we are hurtling along at an alarming rate. Some are being left behind and many feel this change and resist it and wonder why they are feeling huge struggle be it in the form of addiction, relationship breakdowns, illness or a general feeling of discontentment.

Are you ready to release all that you no longer want in your life and set yourself free from the addictions, behaviours, relationships and beliefs that hold you back.

Contact me to book an Ancestral Healing.  Not sure what it is?  Haven’t read my FREE eBook yet?

CLICK HERE to read my FREE eBook, so you can release all that no longer serves you and makes you happy.

And my top tip to drive effortlessly down the fast lane of life is to extract yourself from the sense of sight and hop on over to FEELING.

Change your frequency to where you want to go rather than where you’ve already been and where you’re at right now. That is the trick, the shift, how to live life in ease and flow rather than despair, struggle and fear.

Let’s Get To The Root


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