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How to create balance in your life


Look at the roles you play in life and number them in order of the amount of time spent on each role, for example…

  1. mother

  2. daughter

  3. grandma

  4. partner/wife

  5. business owner/professional

  6. friend

  7. sister

  8. daughter-in-law

  9. mother-in-law

  10. something else

Write down what areas of your life are important to you with the most important being number 1 , for example…

  1. health

  2. well-being

  3. spending time with parent(s)

  4. spending time with children/grandchildren

  5. spending time with partner

  6. financial freedom

  7. spending time with friends

  8. meditation and learning

  9. career

Look at both lists, does the amount of time spent on each roles match up with what is important to you?

Are you focused on your goals and dreams?

If you are that’s great!

If not, that’s also okay since now you’re aware that you need to rebalance your life again so you can live on purpose.

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