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How To Activate Your Intuition

Here are 5 things you can do to activate your intuition...

I believe that as a business owner, we develop our own sixth sense, which is hugely valuable for helping us to make better decisions about everything we do in business. Call it intuition, call it gut instinct, sixth sense, hunch, it doesn’t really matter. We’ve all experienced it in some way. Intuition has helped with several decisions in my life and has always guided me to success.  

Intuition refers to the use of “gut feeling” to make decisions rather than rely on a more scientific approach using data and other quantitative evidence, supported by logical, rational decision-making models.

The potential advantages of hunch and intuition in decision-making include:

Speed – decision-making can be instant, rather than waiting for the results of scientific data analysis!

Based on personal experience: data isn’t always reliable and a manager may feel more comfortable with the gut feeling if it seems to contradict the results suggested by data.

However, it’s really easy to ignore those hits of inspiration and messages as most of us are often shifted sideways, allowing someone else to take our power away or ability of hearing our own thoughts.

In business it manifests with…..

  1. people

  2. deals

  3. projects

  4. opportunities

  5. customers – so many ways.

We get a feel for what is going on with no real information, just a sense of what is going on and what we need to do about it. But for many people, the ability to hear and feel their intuition is a lost skill.

The problem is we’ve become too busy to hear what our intuition is trying to say. We intellectualise because we are so bombarded with information that we simply can’t hear our intuition in midst of the clutter. But we can relearn the skill of hearing it and a great deal can change in our lives when we do.

In HOW TO IGNITE THE POWER OF YOUR INTUITIVE MIND 6-week program, I help you learn to reconnect with your intuition in all parts of your life –  health,  relationships, business, wealth, everything.

For example, when you meet someone learn to stop a moment, become aware of how you FEEL not what you are thinking.

Our sixth sense doesn’t come from the head it comes from the heart and we have to remember what it feels like when we get a message from our heart and translate that feeling into information we can use.

It’s not that we are not looking for ‘bad’ things, we are looking for the reality of a situation.

Have you ever experienced when your instinct has told you not to do something in business, but your brain has rationalised the situation and ignored your intuition?

It is important to reconnect with how you feel at a deeper, less intellectual and more emotional level.

We all have this extraordinary skill – intuition, instinct, hunch, six sense, whatever you want to call.

The more we listen to it, the easier it is to hear and the better the decisions we will make, in every part of our life.

The more we push it away, the harder it is to hear and from my experience, the quality of our decisions reflects this.

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