How’s your emotional bank account?

Life is a fabaliss (I do like this word!) journey of self discovery.

“The secret to getting everything you want in life is  simply helping other people get what THEY want by performing random acts of coolness and kindness.”

Now before you dismiss this as a bunch of B.S. or think this has nothing to do with living a more fulfilling life consider this fact:

The health you want, all the material things you want, the relationships you want, and the LIFE  YOU WANT is “hidden” inside this Law of Attraction.

And whether you believe in a bigger energy or not — it’s just how the energy in our world is wired.

What YOU make happen for others, The Source, (energy) and the world will automatically make happen for you.

Good OR bad.

You just gotta have patience and faith to know your good deeds WILL be rewarded.

I’m not saying you’ll get your rewards back DIRECTLY from the person or the relationship where you’ve been giving…

I’m not that naïve. 😉

Think about it.

I’m sure there have been times when you have done somebody right and bent over backwards to be a good person to help them out…

Then they turn around and do what you feel is wrong.

I know I’ve been very good to people I love and care about (and even to strangers); whether it’s advice, financial help, or just sacrificing my time and resources.

And it was important that I didn’t have any expectations about what I should

get back from them.

I  believe you should do your best to give in your life as much as humanly  possible.


Because the world has clearly revealed throughout  mankind and history that when you follow this law…

The world will eventually give it back to you 100 fold.

So never forget: the greatest exercise you can perform is to reach down and lift SOMEBODY ELSE up.

It’s just human nature.

When we help other people it fulfills us on an emotional  and spiritual level that can impact EVERY AREA of our  lives positively. 

In my opinion, you’ll eventually feel empty, unfulfilled and unmotivated if you don’t try to apply this law in your life on a consistent basis – because you’re just serving yourself.

At the end of every day and every week I ask myself this question and I highly recommend you do the same:

Did I make more deposits into other people’s lives  than I did withdrawals?

I always try and make sure my emotional bank account makes way more deposits because I know this will drive my motivation to excel at EVERYTHING else.

So if you’re not feeling motivated or happy on a daily ongoing basis, maybe you should ask yourself what value you’ve added to other people’s lives.

–    Have you solved any problems?  –    Have you helped anybody lately?  –    Have you contributed to a worthy cause?…or –    Volunteered your time or resources?

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