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How do you raise your positive vibes?

Today, as I read the story of Cinderella to my grandson, I loved the idea of the fairy godmother.

So I want you to imagine that I am your benevolent fairy godmother

I am the opposite of many people in business. Instead of taking manipulative tactics to get what I want, I am a ‘doer of good’ who does good deeds unassumingly so my tribe get what you need, even if you don’t realise it at first.

I clear your negative stuff from your Akashic Records  for your highest good, so you can reach your full potential.

Do you get me?

 I work from a place of love, so my clients unassumingly get soooooo much more than they think they need and go on to get great results.

Let me share a story about Wendy who came to me because she wanted to lose weight.  She did not realise that the cause of the chronic weight gain stemmed not just from certain food choices, but perhaps from some unresolved emotional pain, a low sense of self-worth or a lack of boundaries with people in her life. Wendy was using food and an unhealthy lifestyle to numb herself from something much deeper. That said, she approached me about her weight, but she didn’t think about getting help for the emotional component of it. That’s when I give my clients what they want (the healthy food choices and calorie-counting piece) and then, I also give them what is at the Core Root, clearing their negative programs in their Akashic Records.

PLUS I show clients how to set boundaries, have better relationship choices, emotional healing resources, help with self worth/self-esteem, ways to start a spiritual practice, etc.

And that’s what often creates the lasting transformation.

For those of you who missed my Facebook Lives all last week about Self Worth/Self Esteem, (Sunday morning)  watch it here

See you on Facebook Live on Sunday at 10am talking about Boundaries.

Lets Get To The Root


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