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Hello September!

September and its all about reaping our harvest this month. The seeds we planted in the spring are now coming to fruition. We have the opportunity to see what is showing up in our lives, as well as what has failed to show up in our lives. It’s our chance to see just how healthy our thoughts and actions really have been (and maybe still are), as we now reap what we have sown.


I invite you to think back to what you were (or may have been) clearly and confidently thinking about last Spring.

  1. Did you make any choices for or about any aspect(s) of your life?

  2. Were you planting seeds for what you wanted to create for yourself and your life? If so, what are you seeing now as result?

  3. Have your seeds of thought grown and become ready for harvest in the reality of your life?

This is a month  to be particularly discriminating about what ideas, information, and values you allow into your life.   It’s not only about criticizing what we don’t like, it’s about figuring out what you do want and then taking the responsibility to manifest it in your life. If you don’t, someone else will step in to fill the void and take that choice away.

Focus on practical matters…

  1. your health

  2. our Earth

how are you care-taking or squandering energy and resources?

Create boundaries for yourself…

  1. “Weed out” toxic people, places, and things from your life.

  2.  Let go of old habits

  3. Take responsibility for yourself

Take the time out of your busy day today to reflect on….

  1. How is your relationship with yourself?

  2. Are you in balance?

  3. What would you like to attract into your life in terms of significant other?

  4. Take the time today to tell your spouse, friend, lover, child or parent how much you appreciate and love them.

  5. Buy yourself some flowers….adopt a pet…or donate to a shelter…open your heart to Love……

Don’t be hard or critical of yourself if you are “alone” and not with a partner at this time. All living things feel love.

Lavish your love generously to nature, to children, animals… those who have less than you.


Let’s Get To The Root of what might be stopping you reaping your harvest!


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