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Hello June

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through 2017?

Time flies when you’re having fun, am I right?

The aftershocks of the events of May will be felt this month, so stay in your truth and keep your light shining brightly as you move forward now, without the baggage of the past.

Be true to YOU.

  1. What do you want from people?

  2. Why do you do things with, for and to them?

  3. Are you seeking validation and approval?

  4. How is that aligned with the truth of who you are or want to be?

Decide what is true for you and expand that energy into the world.

  1. Shine brightly

  2. Stop looking for agreement from others

Many of you have been dealing with challenging relationships, keeping in the other person’s shadow so you don’t ‘outshine’ them, but it didn’t work.

They ended up rejecting you and often treated you very badly.

Now is the time to become self-empowered, as you decide what kind of energy you want to embody and putting yourself first with your own wants and needs.  So, it’s time to remove yourself and your energy from others negative energy fields so they can make their own choices.

In other words, stop being too ‘nice’.  This June it’s time to right the wrongs, taking back your power that has been abused.


Remember the energy you are putting out comes back at you (The Law Of Attraction), so make sure you are sending out something you want to receive, such as love, respect, peace, joy, happiness etc.

As you stop uplifting others with your energy, you stop being their crutch, so they have to learn to find their own energy source.

These are the keys to living your truth…


Life is going to throw lemons your way. There will be disappointments, pain, death and broken hearts. Knowing that you’re anchored and have a foundation regardless of what happens is a sign of truth and a sign of balance.


When you’re being true to yourself, you are whole and complete. There’s no need to search for someone else to do this for you. The more you look to be completed, the more you weaken the sense of completeness you have within.


Being true to yourself means your main source of validation is from within. Sure, outside validation feels good, but it should not be your only source of validation. The more it is, the more you lower your sense of self.

  1. RESPECT  

Living in your truth means your relationships with others are about respect. They bring out the light and love within. It means you aren’t dependent on those relationships to feel good about yourself.


The reality is that you’re not going to appease everyone. It’s an illusion to think you are. Being honest and truthful about communicating with others is where there is lasting fulfillment and you embrace what living your truth really means.

  1. TRUST 

It can be easy to take what others say and do personally. This can get you in a negative head space where you overcompensate and ultimately aren’t being true to yourself. By being true to yourself, you trust in your actions and your choices. You realize that what others do has to do with them, not you.

  1. VALUE

Your value is innately within you. When you are being true to yourself, the externals don’t define you. You realize you are more than what you have. You believe you are whole.

So this month I just want to check in with you and ask a slightly uncomfortable (but really important) question:

Are you happy in your life?

In other words, are you feeling comfortable in your own skin, confident, joyful, loving life?

Maybe you realise that there’s room for improvement?

But you might not be sure exactly how to do it.

This is a major struggle in many peoples lives, which can be resolved with Ancestral Healing.

To take control this month, let’s reflect and be thankful for what we have and live our truth to accelerate our health and that of our families, communities and planet Earth.

With gratitude for your support and good wishes!



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