Have you attracted a Narcissist?

After coming out of a long-term relationship, dating can be a nightmare.

Most of us have heard horror stories of someone who got into a relationship with someone who have been labelled a narcissist.

If you're in the dating game, or you're in a relationship and you're wondering how you can tell if you're with a narcissist, here's everything you ever wanted to know.

What is a Narcissist?

Narcissism is actually a personality disorder.

it’s about someone who has an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others.

Understand that the person most likely doesn't know they are a narcissist.

And even if they suspect it, chances are they don’t care and don’t want help. So, if perhaps you have gotten entangled in the narcissist’s web, it's best if you're prepared before you try to contend with addressing it or getting out.

The best advice is never confront someone about their narcissism, because that may not go very well.

Remember that many people use the term “narcissist” but don't really know for sure if that person is.

Maybe they’re with someone who is immature, selfish, or mean, so they give them the label. Just because someone acts selfish or lacks sensitivity doesn’t mean they could be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder.

The only clear way to know is to have them evaluated by a mental health professional.

If they are a true narcissist, they are often attracted to strong, confident, and self-assured women. While this may seem counterintuitive, it is important to realise that the narcissistic traits of grandiosity and confidence are really a mask for deep insecurity.

As a result, a narcissist may be attracted to an individual who possesses attributes that they value and that they believe will enhance their image. If you look good to other people, they hope that makes them look good.

Why do I attract narcissist partners?

Narcissists use a range of emotionally manipulative behaviours in their relationships. If you're not this kind of person and are more naïve in nature, you may simply be drawn into relationships with narcissists because you lack the ability to recognise what they are up to in the early stages

So let's get to the information that will help you.

The following are red flags

that you are indeed with someone who may have some narcissistic tendencies:


1. They're Never Wrong

A narcissist has a challenge to apologise because they don’t think they are

wrong. To admit they were wrong would make them feel awful about themselves, so it’s really tough for them to do.

2. They're Full Of Themselves

A narcissist loves attention and needs their ego stroked much of the time.

Some say they're like emotional vampires because they don't have the self-love deep down that they need in order to feel good about themselves. It might seem like they love themselves, because they're quite selfish and egotistical, but really, they need their ego stroked to feel good about themselves.