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Fun ways to boost your life

For the past few months I’ve been working with a lovely client and to protect her identity, I’ll call her Rachel.  She came to see me because she felt that life was plain drudgery.

She wasn’t having fun and was blocked to feeling joy. She was feeling guilty and horrible for being the kind of person who could wish that her sweet, brilliant boys would just go away and be quiet for a few minutes, because she just needed a break!  She hated herself because she used to be a highly competent professional with a daily deadline and now she was the kind of person who struggled to cope.

I explained to her that as little kids we’re fun professionals! We know intuitively how to have fun. But as we get older, we get hung up on the idea that joy comes from achievement.

She was focused on achieving being “supermum”and wanted everything to be perfect.

The ironic thing is that she had it totally backwards!

By having fun and leaning toward joy, she could achieve what she wanted much faster and more easily!

Her story is one of the reasons I felt inspired to reach more people and with Lisa, we have created the HUNCH CLUB.

When Rachel came to see me.  She was feeling unwell and her 5-year-old had been having epic meltdowns just before bedtime. His behaviour sent her 4-year-old running away in terror, which then set the 7-year-old on edge, for fear that his slightly OCD nighttime routine was going to be disrupted. “Good times?”, Rachel said to me, in tears. ” Especially when their Dad is working late“.

She was loving being a mum but it certainly wasn’t feeling fun.  More like drudgery!  She had a mound of dirty laundry. She felt that planning, procuring, preparing, serving and cleaning up their meals seems to require about 27 hours a day.

As we worked together over a period of time, Rachel began to feel the joy in life again.  She discovered that there was something very special about holding a her children in her arms, whether they were tired, irritable scared or upset and knowing that she was their source of protection and comfort and love and shelter in the world. We addressed the guilt and anxiety and fear that was holding her back from having more fun.  We addressed her worries for herself, her children’s futures and the state of the world.

But, she came to realise that as parents, she had been given an incredible gift: The chance to once again experience the world by living in the moment.

Now having cleared the blocks in her life and reconnecting to her imagination, as well as meditating daily, she is using her in built intuition.  She honestly can’t imagine mothering her kids and not having fun while doing it. Her creativity now has no bounds and everything’s changed, including the relationship with her husband.

I will be on FACEBOOK LIVE on Thursday 17th May at 10.30am with my lovely colleague, Lisa Michaels, to share with you the fun stuff we’re doing in our “Superpower Workshop” on Saturday 9th June and what’s on the inside of the HUNCH CLUB Membership. It’s on our brand new Facebook Page  CLICK HERE TO LIKE & FOLLOW

Join us and check out how to have FUN along the way to achieving your goals!

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