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Feeling Unworthy

I have been working with women who feel like they're unworthy to be loved.

They play the role of the "unlovable" woman. Someone who has battled some sort of traumatic event in the past, has been emotionally neglected, verbally or sexually abused, betrayed or abandoned.

This is a feeling that MANY women struggle with. Quite a few clients have shared that when a man gives them attention (emotional and physical), they would then feel beautiful, but that is coming from "outside" rather than from "inside".

I honestly believe that if a solo woman feels unworthy, she’ll most likely feel unworthy in a relationship.

Because true worth does not come from the words or actions of another person. “Feeling” worthy and loved has to come from your own self. Your core self. The self that you’ve been piling layer after layer of mud on over the years, covering up the gold nugget within.

Things like negative thoughts, self-loathing, self-hate, self-sabotage, helplessness, guilt, shame, alcohol, drugs, sex, lovers, and more.

I have worked with many women who have felt unloved, unimportant and unworthy, which resulted in them feeling like a failure. No-one would know because they cover it well with their daily mask. But the truth is they were in a "locked cage" they didn't have the key to unlock.

Working with them, we did a post mortem on the past, and re-visted old wounds, removing layers of negativity by clearing their Soul (Akashic) Records, before focusing on the 90-Day Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method, using daily tasks, meditation and journaling to move from powerlessness to self empowerment, self love, self confidence and so much more.

Too many women who are still stuck in that feeling unworthy mode. They feel unloved by themselves (some hate themselves). They feel insecure and unloved by others. They’re in a battle for sure. They don’t know how to open up; how to be vulnerable. They’re afraid to face the hurt, disappointment, pain, agony, grief, past, etc.

I’m sure we all know women who are struggling. At times, they feel utterly alone – even when they have friends and family.

Are you guarded?

Have you put a rock-solid wall up around your heart and feel determined not to let anyone hurt you ever again?

You're independent and you certainly don't wish to appear weak and ask for help.

Maybe you're scared. You feel like if you let the mask fall to the floor and your heart become pliable, you’ll be ripped to shreds. Perhaps someone will laugh at your weakness and abandon you.

It’s a lousy, empty feeling for sure. But I want to encourage you, because you can begin a new journey inward to get to the root of such feelings. You can unearth the junk or wounds that are blocking your amazing beauty residing at your core. You can awaken to the reality that you are not only worthy of abundant, magnificent love, YOU ARE LOVE!

Yes, you can. Perhaps it’s time to reach out for some help. Begin the journey.

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