Examples of Ancestral Healing and “illness” that will inspire you

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

When you have a chronic illness or physical complaint, you hope it will be addressed and remedied as soon as possible.

But what if the medical profession aren’t helping you?

What if you’ve undergone test after test and they still can’t cure you?

You don’t have to suffer, but you do have to open your mind to other healing strategies; and I will help you.

Let me tell you about Dawn.

Dawn contacted me from overseas, on recommendation from her friend.

For seventeen years, Dawn was plagued by a foul taste in her mouth.

Dentists, doctors, consultants and therapists had performed relentless investigations and none could identify why Dawn was experiencing a disgusting taste in her mouth.

Dawn felt isolated, ignored and very low.  Her mood was greatly affected, her appetite disappeared and her health really began to suffer.

Dawn’s relationship with her husband was deteriorating as he began to question Dawn’s complaint.

She was distraught when she reached out to me.

The results we achieved together were phenomenal… and we never even met in the flesh.

I worked virtually with Dawn for three months in my VIP Core Transformation program.

Over the course of treatment we removed layers of ‘master programs’ running on her internal hard drive (sub conscious) and in doing so, removed the foul taste from Dawn’s mouth forever.

This also healed her relationship with her husband by opening the channels of communication again.

Dawn feels like a new woman and would recommend ancestral healing to anyone.

“I am writing you to THANK you from my deep heart for everything you have done for me!!!! I just had my pre-period time and didn’t even cry!! First in possibly in 10 years!!! I did not feel any miserable at all, I could laugh, work and love everybody around!!!! Just appetite has not gone away!!! :-)))) But that is just nothing, my husband was sooo impressed I was not a monster this time !!! 🙂 Thank you sooo much!!! My bad taste is GONE too!!! I wake up with fresh breath and going to bed with fresh breath!!!! I was waiting for it since I was 13!!! I tried everything and everyone, but ONLY YOU helped me to get rid off it!!! I am such a lucky girl that I have found out about you and your practice!!!! You are my ANGEL!!! (It does come back a little bit sometimes, but nowhere near as strong as it used be, and normally goes away) I guess it is just a matter of time and I just continue to have positive affirmations right?!! 🙂 You have changed my life, the way accept myself and gave more confidence to live the life I want to live! My priorities are changing, and now I more clearly understand what I want of my life and old ways of joy do not entertain me anymore!!! Thank you!!!You are doing an amazing thing for the people and I am so grateful!” 


To learn more about ancestral healing, read my FREE eBook and if it resonates, book a FREE Clarity Conversation.

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