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Enough is enough!

At a very early age, you may have acquired the fear of being judged. Most of us experience this fear throughout our lives, and it is so easy to let that fear take away our self-esteem.

When you allow your need of acceptance and ‘fear of being judged by others’ get the best of you, then you are allowing mediocrity to get the best of you.

It’s when you finally decide that enough is enough, take the leap of faith, trust that all your efforts will make a difference, stay true to yourself and committed with a vision, that’s when you cross over from being mediocre to great.

  1. Is it difficult to get your self-esteem back?

My answer is NO, it is not! And I can teach you how to do it.

  1. Do you recognise that you have allowed the need of acceptance and fear of being judged to get in your way?

  2. Has it blocked you from moving forward; embracing the unknown and pursuing life passions?

In this workshop we will be exploring our fear of being judged using a number or techniques to bring out change in the physical, energetic and emotion states of our beings. We will:

  1. Look at fear of judgement and have an open discussion on what this means to you and how to let it go.

  2. Perform healing work through guided meditations to help unlock and release anything in your energetic and subconscious systems.

  3. We will focus on those areas of your physical, energetic and emotional fields that are blocking you and clear away or heal any blockages.

  4. We will be working on discovering your qualities and working on your Solar Plexus Chakra to help us with shifting the energies in this workshop.


WORKSHOP – Moving from mediocre to great and growing a massive self-esteem

Saturday 28th January 9.30am – 12.30pm

Energy Studio, Loughton, Essex


Places Limited


3 Easy Steps to Becoming Free From Fears & Making 2017 Ridiculously Successful!”


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