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Energies of August

Ok, sit tight put on your seatbelt and expect a huge energy wave forward, so it will feel rather bumpy this month.

You may feel a little out of control, but know that everything is as it should be and you still have full control with regard to yourself and how you behave, just not the weather or how other people behave!

It’s time to step up and explore all options in your life.

You may feel that people around you are frustrated and are taking their feelings out on you.  Remember to rise above it and not to take it personally.

Lighten up.

Smile when things are tough. If you are going through a divorce, just lost your job, worried about your child or have a ‘cranky’ colleague – whatever is consuming you in this moment, learn to let it go, and just smile.  Know that your future-self is rooting for you and sees you getting through this tough time with grace and ease. Remember that learning to laugh at difficult situations will help you feel more peaceful. Things don’t need to be serious all the time, so the person who cut you up on the motorway, the delay in legal matters, the waiter who messed up your order, your son who never phones, your boss who just passed you up for the promotion – whatever is plaguing you, just let it be. Smile and trust that everything is in the right order. Play with the world and appreciate all of its wonder.

Don’t make assumptions about their behaviour or expect anything. The problem with making assumptions is that we believe they are the truth! We invent a whole story that’s only truth for us, but we believe it. One assumption leads to another assumption; we jump to conclusions, and we take our story very personally. Then we blame others and react by sending emotional poison with our word. Making assumptions and taking them personally creates a lot of emotional poison, and this creates a whole big drama for nothing. We make assumptions, we believe we are right about our assumptions, and then we defend our assumptions and try to make someone else wrong. We even assume we are right about something to the point that we will destroy relationships in order to defend our position!  If you catch yourself in the habit of making assumptions, let go of this need to control, and stop filling in the blanks. Notice and respect how valuable and unique each personal view really is. What someone else thinks is true, might surprise and enlighten you!

This month may also bring a big lesson in acceptance.  It’s one of our toughest lessons. Choose to accept things as they are.  There may be hope down the road; maybe someday things might work out. But right now, in this moment, that may not be possible.  Choose to accept that fully. Practice compassion to yourself alongside acceptance. Practice acceptance of the challenges you’re having practicing acceptance! It’s natural to go back and forth between feelings of acceptance and feelings of resistance. Make space for the spectrum of experience, and notice your internal critic quieten.

Yes, acceptance is a choice—a hard one most definitely, but a choice nonetheless.

August also brings the energy for you to “surrender”, which is an act of allowing and receiving.  Surrendering is never giving up or being lazy. Surrendering is when after putting all the passion and interest that you have in what you want (some may call it work or dedication), you relax and allow it to come to you with faith that either it will manifest or your intuition will guide you with the next step in the right direction.

Life is always in motion and intuition always acts as a lighthouse throughout our journey.

Are you living a life of your choosing or are you living a life that is ruled by fear?

You deserve the absolute best, we all do. Yet we often forget this and put ourselves last. At the end of the day, we have a choice as to how we are going to live. We choose to stay in pain because it is so much more comfortable than stepping out into the unknown. Surrender occurs when we let everything else go, all the excuses, fears, and unfulfilled expectations and choose to live as we inherently believe we deserve to.

Have a wonderful month


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