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Easy Steps to Be, Do, Have

Yesterday, I did a live Workshop at a Mind, Body, Spirit Event, about “How To Manifest” which was great fun.

For all of you who couldn’t attend, you can watch it online…

Talking to the lovely soulful people in the room, about “Be, Do, Have” I realised that many of you are not aware of this concept.

be do have

So let me explain…

Most of us think we need to “have” a certain thing or set of things (more money, love, time, experience, etc.), so that we can finally “do” something important (pursue our passion, start a business, go on holiday, create a relationship, buy a home, etc.), which will then allow us to “be” what we truly want in life (peaceful, fulfilled, inspired, generous, in love, etc.). In truth, it works the other way around.

being loving

First we “BE” what we want (peaceful, loving, inspired, abundant, successful, or whatever), then we start “DOING” things from this state of being – and soon we discover that what we’re doing RESULTS in bringing us the things we’ve always wanted to “HAVE.”

Whether or not this concept is new to you and even though on the surface it may seem either counter-intuitive or confusing (or both), it’s actually quite powerful and life-altering when we really get it and practice it in our lives.  I have personally experienced the profound impact of living in alignment with this “Be, Do, Have” paradigm.

Do you have a belief that making our goals and dreams happen is supposed to be hard, painful, and dramatic, right?

Well, maybe it doesn’t have to be.

What if we were able to live in alignment with this powerful principle of Be, Do, Have more of the time?  What if we remembered that we have the capacity to experience any state of being at any time – not just when things “work out” perfectly or we achieve exactly what we’re after.  There’s nothing wrong with us pursuing our goals and our dreams with passion.  However, when we think that the fulfilment of any specific goal, dream, or accomplishment will give us what we truly want to have in life, we delude ourselves and set ourselves up for failure, disappointment, and pain.

Remembering that who and how we’re “being” in life creates the context for how we think, feel, and act (some of the key raw materials for how we ultimately create our reality), gives us access to what we’re really after.  We don’t have to suffer and struggle as much as we do, we actually have the capacity to live our life with a true sense of ease (ing of this word is not about the appearance of something, but is about being able to put forth a small amount of focused effort, and manifest an abundant result).


Success in any area of life always starts with a very clear picture about the results you desire. If you don’t know what the goal is, it is impossible to tell if you’ve achieved success or not.

Once we are really clear about what we want and why we want it, the game changing question in not ‘what do I need to do?’ but ‘who do I need to be?

Another way of asking this question is ‘what kind of a person would have access to these kind of outcomes?

For example, let’s say I want to write a book that’s a best-seller. Only 2% of all authors will ever sell enough copies of their book to justify the time, money and energy they’ve spent in writing it. It’s not simply the best books that get published, just like it’s not the most talented sportsperson, artist or business person that ends up on top of the pile. Despite what most people think, the best don’t always finish first. So simply doing my best isn’t likely to deliver the results I am looking for. I need to find out what kind of person gets their book published and sold when most others don’t. The question I need to ask myself is, “Who do I need to be to write a best-seller?

What kind of person makes it in their field of expertise, when most work hard for very little recognition or reward? What must they believe about themselves? How do they dress? What is their relationship with money? What story do they live out of? How do they walk when they enter a room?

If I can be this kind of person, then I can have access to the same results as they do.

The Be Do Have model really unpacks how this works in the real world.

Here are a few things we can do to remember and practice BEING who and how we desire in life.


– Think of one or more of the biggest goals or dreams in your life right now.  What is it that you think the accomplishment of this goal will bring you (i.e. fulfilment, joy, abundance, peace, freedom, etc.)

– Start embodying that state of being that you assume will come from the accomplishment of this goal.  For example, you may start “being” joyful (as if you already accomplished your goal).  It’s not about “faking it,” it’s about authentically embodying the desired states of being you truly want in your life.

– From this state of being, think about, talk about, and speculate the kinds of specific actions you might want to take.  Allow yourself to sit with this for a while, don’t be in too much of a hurry.  If you really allow yourself to come from this empowered state of being, the actions will start to show up with ease and your ability to both take them and allow them to work will increase exponentially.

Have fun with this, get support from those around you, talk to people about this, and know that you will probably trip and fall many times along the way.  As we’ve all heard many times, but it is important to reiterate here, we are human beings, not human doings.  When we remember this, our life can really take off in a profound and fulfilling way.

Want to make 2020 and the next decade the best ever?

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