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Divorce Day 2020!

The first working Monday back after the Christmas break is wryly dubbed ‘Divorce Day’ by lawyers who typically see a spike in couples considering divorce.

Divorce Day this year falls today on Monday, January 6 when solicitors across the country will expect to be fielding more enquiries from couples unhappy in their marriage.

Experts say the stress of trying to create the perfect Christmas, along with low bank balances after the festive break, when tensions are high, are the main reasons why married couples decide to split at this time of year.

New research from Richard Nelson solicitors has found that searches for ‘I want a divorce’ rose by 230% in the first week of January 2020 compared to December 2019.

I want a divorce

Research reveals that divorce rate was highest for men aged 45-49 and women aged 40-44.  Some believe that it’s because people have reached that stage of life when they have the money, the children have left home and they don’t know if their other half is the person they wish to spend the rest of their life with. The relationship is just not working any more!

No one goes into marriage expecting to divorce.  It can leave you with deep feelings for your ex-partner even though the marriage is no longer viable.  It can leave you with fear, low self esteem, low self confidence and the question of “Who Am I?”

So the question is –

Do you know anyone who is struggling with being separated, divorced or bereaved?

I have “niched” my market and created a free Facebook Group to offer tips and life tools to help, called Fearlessly Moving Forwards


Because 9 years ago, my world fell apart after 34 years of being together and nearly 29 years married.  And I wish to help others.  In fact, I wish I knew then, what I know now!

Breaking up with my former husband was the most crushing event in my life. It made me see myself as a failure, hide in embarrassment, and cry myself to sleep for months, talk about “Cry Me A River”!!!

Whether you are separated, divorced or bereaved, you experience heartbreak.  The world you know ends.

Through heartbreak, you come to see yourself as rejected, dejected, failed, and damaged.

You question the meaning of life.

These were the thoughts that occupied my mind for a couple years of my life.

I’m glad to say I survived this experience, stronger and wiser!

So I like to think of the group like a Life Handbook.  It will offer tips and life tools in an effort to get people through this phase in their life all in one piece.  There is going to be in a state of change for a while.  It can either be spent as if the person was a “victim” battered and bruised, or they can become the “victor” and wake up every day knowing they can choose their attitude to whatever happens.  And I do mean “whatever happens”.  You see we only have control over one person and that person is you!  

So whatever your personal situation, the group is there to offer support during the emotional and practical stages of the journey ahead.  Not only that, when you realise that you have the power to take back control of your life and choose your responses to whatever happens, you will emerge from this stage in your life feeling buoyant, not bitter.

Please share the link to anyone you know in this situation.

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