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Discover how Ancestral Healing can help have more fun!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

When was the last time you actually had fun?

If you believe everything you see on social media, you’d think that everyone is skipping through life in a bubble of pure joy.

Comparisons to others was what brought Caroline to see me.

Caroline was signed off work with stress and exhaustion.

She was starting to wonder what is the point of life?

She read all sort of answers and explanations about the purpose of life but none of them satisfied her and she felt depressed.

She’d been down the traditional treatment routes but nothing was working.

She felt lost, alone and as if the world was continuing on without her.

Do you relate to Caroline’s struggles?

Read on to learn how energy healing totally transformed Caroline’s life.

As a facilitator, I quickly identified on the charts what was blocking Caroline’s path; she was lacking in the areas of fun and recreation causing a huge imbalance in her life.

Out of a potential of 10, she scored 2!

She found it extremely difficult to let go and simply have fun.  In fact it made her feel guilty!

This was blocking her creativity and keeping Caroline in a continual state of stress and anxiety affecting her relationships and overall well-being.

By identifying the relevant Ancestral Shadows in Caroline’s ancestry going back 6 generations, which in fact were abandonment, illness and poverty, I was able to clear residual negative energy from her ancestral line and energies carried over from past lives.

Put simply, beliefs and thought processes lingered from Caroline’s ancestors and energy imprints from past lives.  I was able to clear all this for her.

We also discovered that her life “theme and challenge” is Recreation & Play!

Caroline is delighted with the outcome of her time with me.  She took up photography as an outlet for her previously stifled creativity and as a result has a new circle of like-minded friends.

For the first time in many years, Caroline is having fun and feeling fulfilled in her life.

I’m so delighted for her. Positive change is just around the corner for you too.

Get in touch with me after reading the FREE eBook on my website.

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