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Count-down to Christmas

This week we begin the final FOUR weeks of 2016. As soon as December comes in the count-down to Christmas intensifies. The cities of the world switch on their Christmas lights, the stores and high streets team with frenzied shoppers and the party crowd is out in force.

There’s a special magic to December, as many of us find ourselves being merry and light with family and friends. The transition from December to January is powerful. We’re tying up loose ends now, deciding what we want to take with us into the new year, and what has become too heavy to carry any further. New beginnings are waiting just around the corner, and we now have a chance to shed the things that have been dragging us down.

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Astrological influences on the one side are all about good fortune and good times while on the other side there is turbulence. So while you may have massive opportunities coming your way, there is also extreme change, along with tremendous life lessons, so keep your ‘seat belts’ on!

December days are filled with financial demands for gifts; for parties, for outings; and secret Santa’s; for holidays; for special treats AND all sorts of emotional “money stuff” thrown in and if you suffer from social anxiety the party season causes panic and fear to raise its ugly head.

This not only puts a serious dent in millions of peoples financial and mental well-being, it ensures that you start the New Year on a massive LOW with the burden of credit card bills, over drafts and depleted savings not to mention the emotional battering and anxiety that you have felt, on top of those excess calories.

I can’t do anything about the calories but I can help you have a more balanced, calmer result.

So, if you are reading this and feeling the world and his wife are against you, continue to remind yourself that it won’t always be this way. Focus on being grateful for what you have right now and know that in time all things change, especially if you clear your ‘stuff’ .  CLICK HERE FOR Ancestral Healing.

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As 3rd December will be Small Business Saturday, I am offering you a 10 day online program called ‘Love Rules Parenting – raise calmer, happier and more secure kids’.   

It will get you into 2017 in the best parenting shape ever. I will tell you that there will be an amazing bonus call that I am including ONLY for the first 7 people who sign up.

It’s for you if you are struggling with 

  1. tantrums

  2. aggression

  3. whining

  4. not listening

  5. back talk

  6. fussy eaters

  7. anxiety

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