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The Super New Moon is today 25th May 2017.  It brings the start of a new cycle, so again we are clearing ‘old’ energies, before we can feel the ‘new’ energies!

Old energies are being cleared from events earlier this month and as far back as August last year!

Take a moment to reflect and look back at your life from that time until now.  How has your journey unfolded?  Is there a repetitive pattern that needs clearing? (Ancestral Healing will clear this)

This Super New Moon will bring whatever is hiding in our subconscious mind to the surface.

Now is the time to:-

  1. focus on your thoughts

  2. notice how you talk to yourself

  3. notice what you say to others

Be the observer of your thoughts, so you can monitor what’s happening.  If you don’t like your life, it’s the thoughts you are holding on to that are causing your reality.

Are you feeling stressed, worried or fearful?

If yes, then this can make you mentally, emotionally and even physically sick.

Today’s Super New Moon will challenge you to view your thoughts differently.  Remember your thoughts don’t have to define you.

The more positive and harmonious your thoughts are, the more likely that you will feel so much better.

Welcome in positive and loving thoughts, for no other reason than to feel good.

When you master your thoughts, you will be master of your life.

In my previous Vlog, I spoke about Half Term and Tips For Travelling with children, to help you feel less stressed.

As promised, here is the video about Top Tips For Revising –  to help anyone taking exams feel calm, in control and less stressed….

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