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Coping with October

Hello October!

For those of you interested in astrology, we still have Mercury in shadow retro show, it’s not quite over yet.

October’s energy will involve


balance – our own energetic balance

justice – but not in the way of revenge

What goes around comes around in a karmic way.  It’s not a good idea to “wish” karmic retribution on someone, as we will keep a carbon copy and that’s not good.  Karma will occur but in divine timing.

What we will focus on in October is our own energetic balance.  This is in the flow of giving and receiving that we need to monitor and adjust in our own lives this month.

Are we in relationships where we are the giver?

Then we’re holding all of the power.

Are we open to receiving?

If not, we’re expressing a level of fear and unworthiness that we will have an opportunity to change.

To correct that imbalance please click on our online course…..

5 INNER SECRETS TO POWERFUL PERSONAL LEADERSHIP – which I’ve affiliated with CafeStyle Speedtraining (based on neuroscience) – it includes

  1. self belief

  2. self confidence

  3. self esteem

  4. self respect

  5. self love

Are you starting the month energetically – feeling empowered and ready for new beginnings or are you feeling fuzzy headed and confused?

For this month, complement the actions of your environment whether they are generated by a person, place or circumstance, which will ultimately help you greatly in letting go of stress.

  1. Don’t barge into a place.

  2. If someone speaks, listen

  3. Relax when the traffic lights turn red.

  4. When you are the next person in line at the supermarket, don’t hand the cashier your money until he or she is ready and shifts into the receive mode. Use your passive energy then filter it down to your active mode to spend it.  Be soft and powerful.  Be strong and fluid.

As individuals, or if you are a Practitioner, Therapist or Healer – you sponge others impacts and emotions.  Not a healthy way to live.

To clear negative energy and road blocks in your life, Ancestral Healing is the way forward.  So I look forward to hearing from you.

Working with me

  1. you will gain clarity

  2. release past issues which prevent you moving forward

  3. reduce tension

  4. help you feel lighter

  5. liberated

  6. peaceful

  7. hopeful

  8. inspired

  9. grateful

  10. calm

  11. allowing

  12. accepting

  13. loving

  14. joyful

  15. motivated

  16. passionate to live an enriched and harmonious life.

I work via emial, skype and face to face for anyone living anywhere.

Please connect with me on Facebook @RootMaster1

And subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Happy October!


P.S  Have you read my FREE eBook yet? 

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