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Childhood Guilt, Adult Depression

In my last Blog Post I invited you to attend my ‘Sacral Chakra Workshop’ and if you are not local to me, I will be putting this program on-line in the near future, so let me know if you wish to go on the waiting list.

The ‘Demon’ of this second chakra is Guilt, or remorse over a past action, preventing the “flow” of life, which can cause pain and sadness and affect a person’s life negatively.

I was on Facebook Live this week talking about “going with the flow” @therootmaster1

When we feel guilty about what we’re doing, we don’t fully enjoy it.  We can’t fully sense the experience as part of us is “frozen” or “restricted”.

This can result in constant struggles with our weight, feeling guilty whenever we eat! Resulting in no satisfaction when we eat! Guilt blocks pleasure and self-esteem.

Pleasure of – the smell of food cooking in the kitchen, the colours of a sunset, eating ice cream on a hot day and enjoying a massage, for example.

Guilt can make us feel wonderful one day and horrible the next, all because of something we did. Maybe as a child we were taught “this is good and that is bad”.  Of course for very young children, with limited understanding of the world, this is essential.  But to stay there as we mature is immature.

Children who live in fear of punishment get frozen in “good or bad” thinking.

Sarah came to see me and was having a difficult time deciding whether or not to leave her boyfriend.  To her, the only choices were either to live with him or completely stop the relationship and never see him again.  Neither of those choices appealed to her.  it never occurred to her that there were a number of choices between those two extremes.  She could move out and date him, and maybe date other people for a while.  She could end the relationship as she knew it and re-establish a friendship. Because she felt guilty about her negative feelings, she thought she had to overcome them completely or leave the relationship.  Her second chakra was blocked which was connected to very strict and moral parents, which had been a pattern running back 6 generations, discovered by Ancestral Healing.  

A balanced second chakra has the capacity for sexual satisfaction, physical pleasure, general enjoyment in life, comfort with intimacy, and the ability to accept movement and change gracefully. There is a steadiness and clarity in emotional states.  Balance involves the ability to nurture self and others while still maintaining healthy sexual and emotional boundaries.

Feelings are usually open to more than one interpretation.  To fully embrace our feelings is to embrace that ambiguity.  Black and white choices are seldom acceptable,  Unacceptable choices keep us form making decisions and trap us in paralysis.  When we can’t move forward, the second chakra aspect of movement is stuck . When you feel trapped in ‘either-or thinking’, take a moment to ask yourself what you feel guilty about.  When there is guilt, we think we have to make clear decisions.

Richard came to see me complaining about a pain in his neck.  He had tried physiotherapy and other techniques without success.  As there was no reason for the pain, he knew is was some mind-body issue.  I could see that he held his body rigidly, that his neck moved very little and that his hands and arms were held close to his chest. I knew his energy was contracted.  Following an Ancestral Healing, the energies causing this were “cleared” in his Soul (Akashic) records and the “layers of the onion” were peeled off, releasing guilt, trauma and abuse that created a freezing response to his body.  

There is, of course, a healthy place for guilt: as a feeling that allows us to examine our behaviour before, during or after our actions.  When it’s not distorted, guilt tells us where the boundaries are and where we need to make change.

It’s only when guilt becomes excessive, habitual, internalised and toxic that it dominates the free flow of movement and the full experience of life that is so necessary for the Sacral Chakra.

Guilt is a teacher when it guides us, but a demon when it binds us.


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