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Can Ancestral Healing help with Financial Flow?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Have you ever wondered why money flows so freely to some people, but never in your direction?

I can help you understand why this keeps happening.

Let me tell you about Brian.


Brian ran an electric taxi company.

Business had been going well for him, until a betrayal by his business partner.

Brian was crushed to discover vast sums of money had been stolen from him.  This had far-reaching consequences in many areas of Brian’s life.

Brian questioned his judgement, self worth and business sense.  He couldn’t move on and was close to losing his business forever.

Brian undertook my VIP Core Transformation program over a period of three months, which included the clearing of his Akashic Records; a Numerology Prosperity Map for the next 12 months and a reading with an intuitive for future guidance.

Using a dowsing crystal and over 30 charts, I connected to his higher consciousness (High Self) to identify energy shadows in Brian’s ancestral lines, including “Betrayal” and “Poverty”.

It became clear that Brian had a very toxic relationship with money.  Energy blocks littered his path to financial success, causing issues with earning and saving money as well as legal and debt problems.  It was a mess.

Three months on, Brian is clear of energy blocks and has a clear strategy for moving forwards into financial freedom.

I will help you move forward from financial constraints, which may be impacting on more areas of your life that you realise.

Read my FREE eBook and if it resonates, book a FREE Clarity Conversation with me.

Free ebook Connecting to our ancestral past Heather Prince

Free ebook Connecting to our ancestral past by Heather Prince

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