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Autumn Equinox

Today, Thursday 22nd September is the Autumn Equinox.  It’s also the end of Mercury retrograde and the next 3 days will have intense energy.


The past is coming up and we need to release old ….




that don’t serve our highest intentions.

Something coming up for alot of us is “Shame”.  It may have come from…

  1. a trauma

  2. insecurity

  3. toxic shame (what people will say),

  4. manipulation

  5. critical parent

  6. being over-powered.

This is linked with your Solar Plexus which is all about having ‘the right to be myself’ and ‘I choose to…..’.

solar plexus

What is true for you in one moment may no longer be true in the next moment.  As you release old beliefs, thoughts and actions, you will let go of past traumas and sadness.

Creating new beliefs, thoughts and actions will expand your awareness so you become free to explore new potentials and possibilities.

Now is the time to ‘listen’ to your body.

Your body is responding to what you’re thinking and it has this incredible wisdom.

It shows up in the throat area like a lump, it shows up in the chest area like pressure or tightening and constricting and it shows up right where the two rib cages come together, in that centre area called the solar plexus where it feels very much like a heavy rock or a churning sensation.

I have had people tell me that they have lived with a churning feeling in their stomach for years and years. What I’m here to tell you is that these three areas are three different responses to your thoughts.

The throat area is when you’re actually undermining your own power. This shows up before you give a speech or perhaps you’re in a fight in a relationship and you somehow feel ashamed or feel like you’ve done something wrong.

Now, the chest area is very different. That area, when it’s tight, is actual current information on what is going on in your life right now, right in that moment today. Therefore, you’ll get a tight feeling when you think, Oh I need to go to the supermarket or maybe it’s not the right time to go to a supermarket. You might feel the chest area loosening when you think, Okay, the timing isn’t right to go to a supermarket now. The interesting thing is how accurate your internal guidance system really is…

The solar plexus area may be churning with low self-esteem, feeling a ‘victim’ or blaming others for your situation.  Has this been inherited from previous ancestors?

What is your body telling you?

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