Are you ready?

Have you felt that the last few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster?

Let’s just say there has been some serious energy that all of us have been FEEEELIN’, right??

But we’re all coming out on the other side *yay* !

You’re probably feeling a little tender (me too!)…and maybe in one of these places:

You’re really ready for structured support, you know you don’t have to do all the deep work alone (in fact, you see that you can’t which is powerfully humbling).

You’re trying to get help from as many people/in as many areas as possible…reading and listening to every free training/offering/podcast/webinar as you can (which might actually feel a little overwhelming).

You’re feeling the pull toward guidance but not quite sure how to make the decision (maybe it feels like a money issue, or a time issue, or a what-if-I-make-the-wrong-choice issue, or a not-quite-sure-what-my-inner-voice-is-telling-me-to-do issue).

          Firstly, I want you to know that…..

          I am  here to support you in breaking through your oldest patterns and designing your life around your richest vision.


         You’re in what I call “ask, listen, ask, listen” mode. 

        You’re asking, listening, getting answers and not quite able to TRUST the answers you’re receiving, because they feel too hard, too                overwhelming, too big, too scary!

       So, you go back to asking.  You’re wearing down your SELF-TRUST, so everything gets even more and more confusing!

  1. get still and quiet (phone down, less caffeine, cancel some extra stuff in your calendar, I’m dead serious),

  2. pull your energy back into your body (close your eyes, visualize yourself like a magnet pulling all the little iron filings of your soul scattered out in the universe back to you),

  3. ask yourself if you are ready to cultivate the CLARITY and SUPPORT you so want and if you are ready to make room to slow down your mind and body enough to receive them.

 Your spinning and grasping could be a habit. One that’s keeping you from actually moving forward. Just saying.

Focus creates expansion.


Maybe you’ve tried to make big changes in your life, and they just didn’t stick. Instead, you found yourself back in the same old patterns, feeling a little deflated, demoralised, confused…a little (or a lot) self-judgey.Sometimes the hardest thing about change is that no one tells you how to do it.

Unless self-actualization was a hot topic in your household growing up (uhhhh), you likely didn’t have loads of “models” for empowered, heart-centred change.

Wherever you’re at on your journey you can absolutely learn how to:

  1. Become aware of your thought/emotional/behavioural patterns

Heal core limiting beliefs (they keep those yuck patterns in place)

Identify your boldest vision (the other side, baby)

Manifest your vision/design your life around it

Name it. Change it. These are teachable skills. You can learn them. You can make the change you’re so ready for the HUNCH CLUB.