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Are you meant for more?

Do you have a calling – maybe it’s only a tiny voice inside you right now – that says, “I KNOW I’m meant for more. I want to feel more passionate, more ALIVE, and contribute to something bigger than myself….”

For many of us, these thoughts can actually be paralyzing.

I want you to imagine for a moment that inside, there are actually two of you.


There’s the part of you who knows you have something more to give and dreams BIG about doing it.

Then, there’s the other side of you…that you wish wasn’t there at all!

That side feels scared, making your knees literally shake at the thought of what will happen if you’re seen in a bigger way…afraid of you seeming too full of yourself….afraid people won’t like you…afraid they’ll criticize you.

That side feel so full of fear, that that side can reach through your nervous system and actually turn on your fight or flight response – and freeze you in your tracks.

The fearful side of you actually wants the total opposite of what you really want. To the fearful side of you, your big dreams feel like the scariest nightmare.   Can you see how this inner conflict works from below the surface to keep you stuck, playing small, living from fear?

The good news is: that fearful side of you is calling to be understood, healed and transformed into your very foundation of power – and that is something I can help you do.

On Saturday 14th January 2017,  I’m hosting a 3 hour workshop in my Energy Studio in Loughton, Essex called

3 Easy Steps to Becoming Free From Fears & Making 2017 Ridiculously Successful

The clock keeps ticking.

As long as you continue to carry around vows that BLOCK your unique power – that unhealed side of you that leaves you in constant fear – nothing will change. That fearful side will continue working silently against you in ways that don’t make logical sense.

I say this from a place of love, because it CAN change for you, and I want to help.

Facing the shadow side of your powerful foundation can be the most important thing you do to become more grounded, centered and capable.

It can literally turn fear into belief, enthusiasm and courage.

So make sure you don’t miss this important healing:

It IS possible to bring belief and power with you to every new thing you do

And for those of you who live too far away, contact me for a FREE Breakthrough Session to gain greater clarity of what is blocking your unique power.


P. S Only limited spaces available

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