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3 Easy Steps to Becoming Free From Fears & Making 2017 Ridiculously Successful!

I’ve been getting prepared for 2 great workshops I’m hosting in January 2017 as mentioned on my Facebook page @therootmaster1

The first Workshop is on Saturday 14th January, 9.30am – 12.30pm in my Energy Studio in Loughton, Essex.

It’s called 3 Easy Steps to Becoming Free From Fears & Making 2017 Ridiculously Successful!

What if I told you that your fears are not only real but they are the key to unlocking what you truly desire? We have spent so much of our lives avoiding, ignoring and running away from our fears yet it’s only when we face our fears, accept and actually start to learn from them that we start to master life. Yet our fears are very real and create an energy we that is difficult to deal with, our primitive quite rightly create chemicals in our systems which can be uncomfortable and sometimes bring us into situations where we’re not coming form the highest place because of our fears.

We will talk about fears and through a healing meditation, unlock the parts of you that are still resisting from facing your fears. This is a high energy workshop which will open you to be assisted in healing at the energetic level.

You can join me here  to request a booking form.

Sometimes our fears seem like a challenge to overcome so we try to dismantle them and break them down. By doing so we are getting over a situation but are avoiding the feelings associated and so set the energy for them to return again and again. It’s time to break through our fears by accepting them fully and allowing us to learn from them.

In this workshop we will be exploring our fears using a number or techniques to bring out change in the physical, energetic and emotion states of our beings. We will;

• Look at fear and have an open discussion on what drives our fears, what it means and how to have a better relationship with it.

• Perform healing work through guided meditations to help unlock and release anything in your energetic and subconscious systems that are running fear programmes.

•we will focus on those areas of your physical, energetic and emotional fields that are blocking you from accepting and facing your fears and clear away or heal any blockages.

We will be working on the 

Root Chakra to help us with shifting the energies in this workshop. The Root Chakra also known as the base chakra is an energetic portal which deals with a lot of or physical presence in this reality. It is linked with our physical bodies, our ability to survive, our financial prosperity and our personal feelings of safety.

The work I do is highly energetic going deep into the energetic field to release stuck energy and emotions and to assist in the healing of any wounds.

Cost £40 including refreshments

See you then!

Heather xx

P. S.  If you want to get the support and help you need in your life, just contact me

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