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Imagine a world of fulfilling loving relationships, where the divorce rate is very low or non-existent. A world with kinder, happier, giving people. Empowering women in a relationship role that is fulfilling. Understanding what their ‘needs’ are and their partners, so each can fill up each others ‘love buckets’.


The practices taught in the FMF Method empowers women to live extraordinary lives, whether they choose another relationship or not. Not only that, the FMF Method teaches the power of thought and communication. How to craft lives we have the power to create, regardless of what we’re told. Students are encouraged to think critically. They’re allowed to question old beliefs and the collective systems they’ve adopted.


Women pursue their creative compulsions. In a world of exponential change, this method shares the basic tools to remove old patterns; regenerate what’s been damaged and become whole. No longer emotionally entangled or distraught by past experiences. Not afraid to question the status quo.


By following the process women raise their vibe and magnetise in their soulmate where each can inspire and enhance the others’ lives and lead by example to their children of what true loving fulfilling relationships are.


Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method is an online course which kicks off with a confidential 121  90-minute zoom akashic record /ancestral clearing call with Heather Prince. 


Within the membership area there is a full introduction explaining about the healing journey, followed by Module 1 which is all about helping you on the journey, including How To Let Go Of The Past; How To Break Free From Obsessive Thoughts; Cutting Ties; Healing Inner Child; Letting Go Of Co-Dependancy; How To Trust and more.


Module 2 is Self Love. Heal Your Broken Heart; Open Your Healed Heart; Accept Yourself; What You Can Do;  Raise Your Consciousness; Let Go Of Judgement and more


Module 3 is Self Confidence. Resiliance;  Social Confidence; Being In The Moment; Letting Go Of Your Inner Critic; Connect With Your Inner Goddess; Shifting Your Energy and more


Module 4 is Self Esteem. What is it?; How High Is Your Self Esteem?; Rebuilding Your Self Esteem; Know that you are worthy of love; Why Core Values is important; Love your body and more 


Module 5 is Self Respect.  Quiz to discover your level of self respect; Loving Kindness; Why/What/How to regenerate self respect; Self Respect And Healthy Relationships and more 


Module 6 is Self Belief.  Why is it important?; How To Develop Self Belief; How To Fill Up Your Emotional Love Tank and more 


Plus 24 hour email support from Heather as you continue along your path of freedom.  You will also receive support from the universe, because creating love over a lifetime is a developmental process that synchronises with the natural order by aligning the forces of change, learning, and loving.  You begin to understand that you will not become whole or free by find your missing half in a loving partner.  Rather, two whole people recognise each other as soul mates and learn the skills needed to create love for a joyous lifetime together.


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Fearlessly Moving Forwards 90 day online course

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