What do you feel about pink?

I have been working with a few ladies this year who were solely counting on others to make them feel loved and appreciated and they had actually set themselves up for

disappointment when out on the dating scene. Most of them at the beginning weren't keen on the colour pink. Subconsciously, they weren't being self compassionate and were not open to self unconditional love.

The colour pink relates to nurturing and understanding. It implies romance, affection, and intimacy. Pink soothes the physical passion and brings loving energy vibes to us.

Of course, we all like to be affirmed by those close to us. However, if others are our primary means of feeling loved, you may find yourself feeling sad, angry, frustrated, disappointed and probably lonely.

Many struggle quite a bit with feeling unloved and unworthy. Unconsciously, running "I am not worthy" in their belief system.

It may take a while, but finally you can learn how to love yourself first in order to fill up that inner void, which I share in the Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method and start to embrace the healing colour pink.

Are you giving away self control?

Do you give other people control over you? Do you not have clear boundaries?

If the answer is yes, then you probably experience more negative emotions than necessary.

After my 34-year relationship ended, I learnt so many things and understand that it was part of my spiritual growth. The most important thing I learnt was to become my own source of love.

It makes a world of difference when you can dig deep to the root (that's why I'm nicknamed the Rootmaster!) and discover what energy from ancestors, past lives and current life need removing so you can reveal the divine love at the core of your being. It also becomes clear what you have chosen as your life's theme and challenge and what your major qualities are.

Clients have shared with me that they wake up feeling happy just because they're alive, and life finally makes some sense! I feel very humbled.


My healing journey wasn't a straight line.

The transition from caterpillar to butterfly was a process and at times it was uncomfortable. But as I share with clients, trust the process. Continuing the practise of daily meditation, exercise, and pursuing a career that I was passionate about helped me to get through that huge change in my life and continues to help me grow today.

I want to share with you three of the biggest ways you can learn how to become your very own source of love, instead of relying on others.

1. SELF Responsibility

Are you struggling with with depression, anxiety, frustration, and fear?

You may even be self-medicating with alcohol, cigarettes or sugary foods. You may be pointing fingers at your partner, parents, friends, etc. for the circumstances you now find yourself in.

I assure you that until you take responsibility for your feelings, you will likely continue to suffer in pain.

Why? It really is no one else’s job to make you feel loved or happy. Of course people can be nice to you and love you – and they should. However, if they don’t (as people do let us down at times), how do you react? Do you spiral into a depression? Drink? Detach?

When my marriage ended, I blamed others, not realising I was living in victim mode. I