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Karma and the Role of Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Roots | Heather Prince | The RootMaster

I want you to know that it’s not YOUR fault! The reason you are struggling could be inherited from your ancestors and the only way to get happy is to release it all!

Did you know that research shows that we actually hold onto DNA for GENERATIONS?

  1. Struggling to find or keep a man?

  2. Can’t seem to get happy no matter what you do?

  3. Always seem to be struggling to make ends meet and pay the bills?

It’s entirely possible that your inherited DNA is to blame!

You see, most people don’t know that it’s not their fault.  The parent/child connection manifests as one link in a long chain of ancestral karma that stretches back through time. 

Your link to your family allows you to be born into that specific line – it is a link that needs to be understood and respected.

In this modern scientific age, it is very difficult for people to accept the fact that they are responsible to their ancestors, that they are actually liable for the actions of their ancestors if the resulting karma has not yet been dissolved.  Many find it absurd to think that the actions of an unknown ancestor could possibly have anything to do with what is happening to them today.  But time and time again when investigating someone’s karma, I find problems that stretch back generations.  Their spirit is not just an individual entity, it is also part of the family spirit that births and nurtures it.

Beliefs are inherited from previous generations through the mother’s egg and the father’s sperm.  Inheritance is a spiritual version of holography, where every part contains the whole.  Each cell is a mini computer that contains the whole record and programs of the individual.  Therefore, when the mother’s egg and the father’s sperm come together to form the physical body, all of the programs that they have as part of their belief system , and which are registered in each cell, make up and become part of the cellular memory of the infant body.

I have found genetic memories that have been passed on for as many as eight generations.  Thus, if you inherited a belief in some disease from one of your parents, and you have your own reinforcing programs, you may run the beliefs you inherited.

Fortunately, all genetic programming can be cleared from the cellular memory with my Ancestral Healing therapy, so that only your own personal programs remain.  Then, as long as you do not consciously rebuild them by listening to other people’s beliefs, you will be free of all inherited messages.


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