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How our diet and lifestyle affects our DNA.

Dr. Ashish Paul, an accomplished Ayuvedic expert, offers a mini-interview about DNA as it relates to ancient Ayurvedic teachings.

Dr. Paul explained to me that  “The Ancient Seers had profound insight into the understanding of constitution from an energetic perspective. They strove to understand constitution on all levels/layers of the human experience. Modern medicine once embraced constitutional models of medicine but such models fell out of favour. Intriguingly, the Human Genome Project is bringing us back to embracing a constitutional model of medicine in the 21st century.

If we view DNA as energy, or waves, it may offer further insights into how our environments influence us. This is particularly true when we consider thoughts and emotions, and their long-term effects on us.”

You probably have a decent idea of what your genes are. Most of us understand that they make up DNA and that DNA strands are the helix-shaped chemicals that live in our cells and define our physical characteristics. We also know that our genes are passed on from our parents.

Most people believe that genes are set in stone. This is ‘the way we are’ and there’s no changing it.

While you can’t change your genes (probably), what you can do is to change gene expression; the study of which is known as ‘epigenetics’.

What this means is that it can alter which genes are ‘switched on’ and which genes are ‘switched off’. When we exercise or eat a healthier diet, it can effectively act as a tune-up for our muscles and for our organs that results in more fat burning and greater muscle growth.

Dr Ashish Paul works mainly with fertility issues.

(Her video for Mums is on my

facebook page MEDITATION FOR PREGNANCY AND BIRTH).   She shows people how to alter the way they eat and their lifestyle before and during pregnancy. While it’s always advisable to be as healthy as possible, the belief is that altering the expression of genes and the ‘strength’ of DNA could be a way to give offspring more of a fighting chance and future generations will have healthier DNA to pass on to their future generations.

The key is access to the best food, nutrition and fitness advice plus Ancestral Healing!

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