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Free video reveals how to connect with your ancestors….

Tomorrow it’s going to be Halloween, Wednesday 31st October and so much is going on.

Thanks to Venus and Uranus, there may be a number of surprises, particularly in your love life.

This marks an important turning point and you might be heading towards a pleasant surprise as a result, by possibly coming across a past flame.

Halloween is going to be a very fun and unpredictable “rollercoaster” for a lot of people, so as an Ancestral Healer, I thought I’d give you a Halloween gift of a…..

Meditation to connect with your ancestors, where you can ask them questions…..

I get that there just doesn’t feel like there’s enough time to sit and meditate, so this mini video lasts under 4 minutes, but you can choose to take the steps over a longer period of 15 – 20 minutes, if you wish…..

Please share on Facebook @therootmaster1 what you got from doing this or email me ….. 

Happy Halloween!

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