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Dream Big!

I have returned from a dream trip to India, with goals, intentions, plans and determination to improve not only my life but my tribe too in 2018!

Visiting India had been a dream of mine for ages and I created a Vision Board years ago with pictures of India on it.

 When I was touring, everyone kept saying how lucky I was. 

And I began to consider, did they believe I was lucky and they weren’t?

Did they understand that we create our own life experience by what we think and by taking the necessary action to achieve it?

So, tomorrow on Facebook Live at 10am UK time, I will be asking what are your dreams, and I mean BIG dreams?  

And I will be sharing how my dream came true and some ideas for you.

One lucky viewer will win the opportunity to discover what their life themes and challenges are too.

Another lucky viewer will discover a Master Program of negative energy that is running on their inner hard drive causing problems.

So don’t miss it!

This month of December is all about focus and discipline, letting go of any doubts or worry so that you can start your dream, follow it through (for however long it takes) and complete it.

I always say to my clients, to think of yourself as a computer. If your computer is beginning to show signs of not being able to keep up with new programs and needs more memory and a higher processing speed, it is time for an upgrade.  Ancestral Healing, clears the hard drive of negative programming. 

As we move into the 5th dimension just know that we are all being  rewired energetically in preparation for something new:

new ideas

new insights

new belief systems

new experiences

new attitudes

a new relationship with life.

This month, take an honest look at your health.  Are you taking on responsibility for what you eat and drink?  Are you taking regular exercise?

Are you satisfied with what you wear? Feeling ready for a new style?

Fed up with your image and wish to restyle your hair?  Ready to pamper yourself with a massage?

What can you do each day to be kind to yourself?

Are you communicating honestly to your family and friends?

Whatever is happening in relationships is a mirror of what is going on within yourself.  My “7-Day Inner Relationship Challenge” is a great way to start to work on yourself.

During November many people uncovered old patterns imprinted from childhood that relate to your belief of how much you can have or what we can achieve.

Ancestral Clearing, removes the old “imprint” pattern and replaces it with a positive one, which shifts your beliefs.

So if you wish to book a Clarity Conversation with me CLICK HERE

Join me on Facebook tomorrow

Let’s Get To The Root


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