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The Full Moon on Saturday 10th June 2017 indicates a turning point or mini crisis involving your –

relationships (secrecy, jealousy, moodiness, self indulgence, conflict and trouble through relatives)

or indeed your finances.

During the last two weeks you have been in the process of transformation. This is a full moon to transform and heal the devastating pain from illness, broken hearts, broken homes and financial debt. (Ancestral Healing can clear Money Blocks to income, debt, savings and income goals).

You will become clear about the polarities in your life.

  1. ego versus emotions

  2. your work versus home

  3. what you need versus what you want.

You may feel conflict within right now as external pressures pull against your inner tension, making you feel totally drained!  Dig deep for your emotional strength now and use your intuition to overcome any challenges.

Be aware now of an event or person that is taking away your personal power. In relationships you could react by trying to control and manipulate, resulting in conflict and bruised egos. This is turn could lead to violence, further manipulation or even drug abuse.

This evolutionary process has karmic causes and implications. You may need to compromise. Be aware of “drama” involving your home, parents, children or your partner.  It will be very trying on your emotions and may lead to feelings of rejection and depression.

I suggest that you

Let go – go with the flow and trust in a higher power.

Be in control of your self-discipline and emotional maturity.

Overcome feelings of guilt about the past.

Show your vulnerability & be truthful to loved ones.

You may have an imbalance involving health and spiritual belief. It will test your faith in someone or something. (Ancestral Healing can re-balance you).

In order to grow and expand you have to dream and take risks



This is the perfect time to register for this Highly Interactive and Energetic Workshop where you will learn:-

– What is Energy body and why it is more important to have a healthy Energy body than a healthy physical body. – What are your 7 Energy centres and how to keep them healthy to lead a happy balanced and stress free life. – Healing Meditation to release blockages in the Chakras. – Mantras to awaken and activate the flow of energy in each Chakra. – And much more …..


Benefits:- – Deep level of relaxation and connection with your Inner being, inner wisdom. – Enhanced levels of energy to deal with your life situation. – Better stress management and positivity. – Enhanced creativity and improved decision making. – Getting rid of negative emotions and feelings. – More inner peace, balance and harmony in your life.

Saturday 10 June 9.30am – 12.30pm

The venue is:- Energy Studio

Nearest underground station: Loughton (5 minute walk)

Investment: £40 Only

Message me for full details now as space is limited

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