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Break-up Trauma!

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Whether you’re in a breakup right now or have suffered one in the past . . . you may still be stuck in a frustrating limbo—between the familiar life you had before your breakup, and the life you now face that is filled with unknowns, that you might not know how to fully step into. Sometimes this limbo is only a minor and temporary discomfort, but it could be a sign of something more deeply-rooted: a repetitive, unconscious pattern that continues to sabotage everything you do to try to find love and joy.

Unfortunately, for some, getting stuck in this kind of breakup grief can be like that terrible car crash they suspect they will never recover from. They feel broken, and scarred for life.

And whether your grief ranks as something closer to a mild fender bender, or is the kind of crash no one walks away from undamaged . . . all heartbreaks require some treatment—and the greatest tragedy in all of this is that most have gone untreated, and for far too long.

None of us want that experience for ourselves or for our children, or for any other members of our family who might be impacted. I also believe that none of us truly want that for our partner either, no matter how bad things have been between you.

The problem is that we’ve all been taught to end our relationships in ways that often guarantee just these kinds of painful results.

And if you consider the way you’ve handled breakup pain in the past or how you’re handling it right now, you may . . .

  • feel confused as to why life has brought you this kind of pain and disappointment.

  • Spend days just going through the motions, feeling numb or lost.

  • Find that the pain keeps resurfacing and a deep loneliness is beginning to set in, even though you might still have great friends and a life that used to make you happy.

  • Be afraid that your breakup has scarred your children.

  • Feel angry, betrayed or confused as you try to release your old vision for the future—your home, lifestyle, and family—in spite of your best efforts to move on with your life.

  • Find that your friends don’t understand why you’re still hurting . . . so on top of losing your partner, you may now feel under-supported by them, too.

If you’re having any of these challenges or residual experiences, I want you to know you’re not alone . . . and it’s not your fault.

If you’re like most people suffering breakup grief, you may feel as though you were pushed blindly into an extremely painful situation. You were probably given no tools or skills for how to navigate it, and more often than not you were encouraged to make devastating mistakes in the way you handled and processed the breakup, leaving you feeling broken and helpless.

So rather than transitioning out of the old and into the new . . . you got stuck somewhere in-between. And that broken or wrecked feeling might have stayed with you because you never had the chance to heal your heart properly.

And . . .

There’s Only One Way To Truly Free Yourself From The Vicious Cycle Of Painful Breakups...

You must break the pattern that is the source of the suffering in your life . . . instead of allowing that pattern to break your heart (which it often does . . . over and over again). And the first step to breaking that pattern forever is to properly complete your relationships of the past, and to treat your broken heart with the same care and attention you would give anything else that was broken in your body.

And just like a broken leg, if a broken heart isn’t set properly it will never fully heal, and you’ll go through life with a heart that doesn’t work quite right, is defensive, closed-off, and easily bruised. The heart’s equivalent of walking with a limp for the rest of your life.

That's why I created the Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method.

If you would like a no-cost Clarity Conversation please click here

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