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Balance is the key of life

It’s April where you may be feeling challenged, out of balance and impatient in your life.

When I say “out of balance” I mean feeling exhausted, unwell and possibly anxious.   Your adrenals may be compromised and cause lack of energy for the action you need to do.

The solution to this is mindfulness.

You may be wondering what exactly is “mindfulness”?

It’s paying special attention to what you say, how you act, and what you think. Plus slowing down and taking some very important down time.  What do you love to do for fun?

Spending time with a friend who makes you laugh?

Going to the theatre?

Taking a bike ride in the countryside?

Working out in the gym?

Watching a film?

Make sure this is scheduled into your weekly planner!

Are you feeling the masculine energies of action, aggression, clarity, intention, protection, will, decisiveness, independence and generosity?

When our masculine energies are more dominant, you may feel tired, stressed, overworked or unloved as a result. When you feel overworked, moving about life on autopilot, too much in your head and not enough in your body, and/or you’re experiencing a lack of intimacy in your life, it’s likely a re-balance of the feminine energy is necessary.

Regardless of gender, each of us contains masculine and feminine energy.

Logic, planning, and structure fall under the masculine. The masculine is a necessary trait, for it supports the growth of a balanced ego, financial stability, family, shelter, and organisation.  Too much can manifest as tight muscles, digestive trouble, holding grudges, and unreasonable anger.

The feminine part of ourselves is perhaps more subtle in a society that is highly ego driven. It is governed by intuition, receptivity, dreams, and emotion. This is a necessary counterbalance to the masculine. An imbalance of feminine energy may feel like being out of control, ungrounded, irritable, and lonely.

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