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Are You Creating Memories Your Kids Are Going To Talk About?

In my last blog I shared the story about Rachel and how she felt that parenting was a drudgery and how we turned it around to fun instead.

I also mentioned that I was launching the HUNCH CLUB and that has taken up a huge amount of time and energy. I am on a mission, together with my colleague Lisa, to help as many of you discover the Superpower of your intuition.

Research shows that using intuition helps us make better decisions and gives us more confidence in them. This might surprise people who dismiss intuition as a woo-woo, spiritual concept. In reality, it’s a powerful, scientifically backed skill. Learning to trust your gut can be a competitive advantage in both business and life.

What Is Intuition?

Psychologists define intuition as “immediate understanding, knowledge, or awareness, derived neither from perception nor from reasoning.” It’s an automatic, effortless feeling that often quickly motivates you to act.

As an entrepreneur, I rely on my gut instincts all the time in my work with clients. Part of my job is to bring order and structure to the thoughts and behaviours of others. To do that, I channel my tendencies as a highly sensitive person. I also tap into my intuition, which helps me get to the source of what’s troubling someone –– even if they can’t find the words themselves.

You can experience benefits from honing your intuition. For instance, if you’re giving a speech or presentation, getting a “read” on a room can help you tailor your points so they successfully resonate with your audience. If you’re deep into developing a new product and aren’t sure how to choose between solutions, doing a gut check can steer your creative process in the right direction.

You may be surprised to learn that intuition is a deliberate skill that can be developed. Once honed, it’s applicable in many situations, from helping you choose a career path to making snap judgements under pressure, parenting and much more. If you have a question to be answered or a decision to be made, intuition can help.

As well as organising the launch of the HUNCH CLUB, I ran a fantastic Retreat to Wales too!


“I want to thank Heather for making the retreat such a special and beautiful few days! I am still processing everything and think back to the beautiful bench which was perfect for reading, the sound of the water, the amazing mealtimes, the circles and the labyrinth! My suntan from Wales is quite glam. I tell everyone! The other day I had a lightbulb experience – that I have a massive amount of fear still which stops me. Just witnessing it was fine and being ok with it. But going forward is now so much more meaningful in a way. I learnt that at the retreat”.

Siska R

So with all that happening right now, you may be wondering how I make some time for fun…. 

As many of you know I have 3 kids and 6 grandkids with number 7 arriving next month!

We love having fun with them and each Monday and Thursday I care for my daughter’s 4 year old son, as she chooses to work.

Recently 2 of our grandkids spent a few nights at our home while their Mum and Dad went to view wedding venues abroad.

We have a guest bedroom, but it’s just got a single bed, so we put a blow up mattress in the “nursery” where we have a cot, so they felt uniquely special, camping on the floor!

The mattress was covered with their own duvets from home so they feel comfortable. Whether it’s our granddaughters or grandsons, the room has toys to match their personalities and interests. Small things are placed in the room they like, nothing big or elaborate, just little toys or books.

As the evening comes to a close, we snuggle up to watch a movie with home-made popcorn, then up to bed for a bedtime story. After tickling, and laughing, I tuck them in and count my blessings.

Breakfast has to be “Grandma’s” pancakes with lemon or maple syrup and the juice of their choice, in their favourite Disney cup.  We don’t care about the mess we make as they help put all the ingredients together!

If it’s been a school day, off we go to school, but if it’s the weekend, we go to the nature reserve with the dogs.  It’s about the experience. It’s about listening, watching, and talking with them.

Take a moment and reflect back on what you remember as a child. I’ll bet it’s the experiences, not the gifts. When was the last time you created a memorable experience for your loved ones?

Don’t forget, you spell love, t-i-m-e.

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