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Meditation COurse

Join now - a 6 week course in meditation - every Monday at 8pm,

starting 1st Nov

Through a routine practice of #meditation, we actively "defrag" or "remember" our being by bringing our minds, bodies and hearts into alignment with our actions and ultimately the outcomes of our lives.

Every day we see on #socialmedia everyone upgrading devices, upgrading our cars and upgrading our wardrobes.

The mind, our #mindfulness -- no coincidence it is situated at the top of our bodies -- requires prioritisation of daily updates, too!

I’ve been teaching for over 25 years so let’s use our #Innovation and sit, refresh, reboot and revitalise that mind between the ears.

Experts in the field as you’ll read on @amazon - believe our dynamic mental hardware/software - namely the brain - exhibit the power to shape our #relationships and our lives

And so it is our job to unwire, wire and rewire to use #personaldevelopment and become our best selves.

Setting impactful intentions is one way to optimise our creative control.

Join us Monday at 8pm on zoom.

Only £60 for 6 weeks


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