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Do you want to Boost your Manifesting by using The Power of                                                     INTENTION? 

The process after the New or Full Moon can truly boost the powers to finally get GUS (God, Universe, Spirit) to HEAR that you have powerful intentions to create a life aligned with your soul and hearts desires.

MEGA CHARGE your Manifesting with the Power of Intention TODAY - Download the 7-Step Intention Setting Workbook.

• Learn how to use the intention invocation so you can tune into your higher self and connect with your souls desires

• “Ask the right questions" that will help empower your intention setting with greater clarity, focus and understanding of what you truly want to manifest…

• Learn how to mega-charge the belief you hold in your own manifesting abilities so that GUS can respond to your powerful intentions…

• Receive the simple, fast and powerful intention setting workbook that power manifestors use, to attract abundance and prosperity in every area of your life.  

Click the button below, submit your details to download your copy TODAY. 

Are you disappointed that GUS isn't listening to your desires? 

You're not alone! The problem is that most people are confused and don’t know where to begin.


You have big goals, dreams, wishes, and desires and yet you seem to find yourself getting stuck, overwhelmed, disheartened    and unable to manifest what you REALLY want. 

The good news is, there is an easy way to tune into your infinite potential.  

So, if you’re not getting what you truly want, or you have simply been stuck and fed up not knowing what direction to go in or where to start, let us guide and show you how to get there TODAY in less than 10 minutes. 

Yes, once you have downloaded your Intentions Setting Workbook you’ll be able to start MANIFESTING ON PURPOSE

I want you to know that this is different. With all the so-called “spiritual development gurus” talking about manifesting these    days, you may be thinking you’ve seen this all before.  


But trust me, this is unique, and once you see what we are doing you will be manifesting and creating your hearts desires just    like us and our tribe in no time at all.

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