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You scored between 70% - 100%

Congratulations, you're ready to date again!

You've scored High, this is excellent news. 

Now is a great time to focus on YOU and taking steps towards dating again.


There is never a one size fits all, just like there are many versions of great loves & relationships.

Below you will find a few of our top tips and how to connect with us.

How to get ready to date:
  • Really spend time with yourself and have a bit of fun. A lot of people after a break up lose a bit of their identity. By doing things you enjoy you're reminded of who you are as a whole person. 

  • Define your values and what really matters to you. This helps you to make healthy and informed decisions.

  • Make sure you are the person your ideal match is looking for. You both want to meet each other when you are the best possible versions of each other. 

Breakfast Date

As a Coach, 

I become your team mate so you can find your soul mate.

It's not easy getting back out there and dating apps are enough to send anyone running for the hills. If you're serious about taking the first leap forward then I am here for you.

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With a busy professional life and previous failed attempts, I worked on myself  before dating again. I owe my new love to the FMF Method.

Thank you.

Sarah Bekett - Hertfordshire

Without knowing it, I needed help and guidance to really meet my expectations of what I truly wanted in a life partner. The process was so rewarding and ultimately brought Raj into my life. 

Advika Das - Reading

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