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***Get the 'Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method 90 day Program' for the early bird price of £3,000 instead of £3,500***

Your chance to save £500 ends in:-

+ The first 3 Joiners Only Get an EXTRA Private 1 on 1 Coaching call with me Heather, to plan out your way forward

The Last Healing Your Heart System You Ever Need.  Stop Hurting And Start Loving!


Join Right Now To Get Exclusive Access To The EXACT Step-By-Step Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method To Raise Your Vibe, 

Become Whole And Empowered,

To Magnetise Your Soul Mate.

Disclaimer:  If you just want to truly heal your heart - my challenge system will start that for you , but that alone is a sad goal and you probably won't enjoy the community I've created here in Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method.

Part 1: Please watch this video announcement

Part 2: take a look inside the program

Heather here.


Are you ready to step into the next chapter of your life?


Because I believe this is it


You’re feeling more confident about what you wish for ...


You have some idea of what your soul mate is like …


You know deep down that you are enough...


But you don’t feel like you are making the kind of impact you need to be making.


You feel lonely and you want a true loving relationship...


More quality fun time


More trust in a relationship


More openness and honesty


More communication


More mutual commitment


You’re probably tired of running around like a headless chicken chasing online messages in dating apps, because you think you have to in order to meet someone.


Everyday there’s a new platform you “have” to be on and that can drive up anxiety and overwhelm.


We don’t want to miss out, so we spread ourselves thin trying so many things. And because no sane human can do it all, you end up doing too many things half way.


Despite what they say, most of us don’t want to be Katie Price with one relationship, after another…


And you wouldn’t be here reading this if you weren’t looking for a way to have a true  loving, fulfilling relationship…


I’m here to tell you not only is it possible to magnetise your soul mate but its by raising your vibes that will change everything.


I’m so grateful to be in a place where I can give back and help people. As you know, it wasn’t always this way…


It took quite a few tears to finally end up where I needed to be…


This is a real chance for you to step up and commit.


I was bullied in school…


I married my childhood sweetheart which ended after 34 years!


And yet, here I stand before you with my own successful business, dream car, the best clients and friends I could ever hope for, and a life most people can only dream of…


I believe you can make your dreams a reality, with a little help from me.


But in order to reach your dream, you gotta fix what’s holding you back...


What Needs Fixing In

Your Life??

Everyone usually says the same two things:


“I am frightened to trust anyone as I’ve been so hurt, but deep down,  I’d like to meet my soul mate and spend more time doing what stuff we both love without feeling guilty about it”


“I’ve had two failed marriages and I wonder whether I’ll ever meet my forever partner”


This is exactly why I created The Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method 

"Before I started having coaching with Heather, I thought that working on your mind it was for “woo” people and hippies. I also felt it was a sign of weakness to talk about challenges and struggles that I was facing… How wrong I was!   Hannah

The most valuable lesson Heather has taught me is to become aware of the relationship I have with myself. This has had a huge impact on my relationship (with clients, family, and my ex), How I react and choose to experience challenging situations and the decisions I make within my business. Most importantly though, I am so much happier with the person I am today then before I worked with Heather".

I have felt a subtle yet powerful shift in my energy and mindset whilst working with Heather. I started this method doubting myself and feeling lost amongst my thoughts. I was stuck in my head. 🧠  

N.B  Suffolk

Heather helped me to reconnect to the wisdom of my heart, and to understand my needs and what I am truly seeking in a partner.   

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